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Thank You for your interest in Our University. Application are invited from highly motivated and research-oriented applicants for admission to Ph.D. Program in the following disciplines including interdisciplinary research available at the Madhav University.

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Registration Closed ' Feb 2023 '

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Declaration by the Applicant

I hereby declare that entries made by me in this Registration form and the documents submitted by me along with it, are true to the best of my knowledge, in all respects and in any case, if any information is found to be false, this shall entail automatic cancellation of my admission and forfeiture of all fee deposited, besides rendering me liable to such action as the University may deem proper.

I take note that my Registration to the University and continuation on its roll are subject to the provisions of rules of the University, issued from time to time. I shall abide by the rules of discipline and proper conduct. I am fully aware of the law regarding ragging as well as the punishment and that if, found guilty on this account I am liable to be punished appropriately. I hereby undertake that I shall not indulge in any act of ragging.

In such circumstances, I will have no claim for refund of fees deposited by me the University.

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