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"The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

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Madhav University established in 2013 in tribal area of Rajasthan, is one of its own kind in North India and poised for a quantum leap in development of professional education in the country. Our objective is to improve the standards to achieve excellence in higher education and provide high quality education to students from different strata and regions of the society at affordable prices.

Establishing University in tribal area would envisage the cause of enlightening the minds of tribal youths to new frontiers of knowledge at their door step and pave way in transforming tribal youth energy in economic, industrial, entrepreneurial, social and cultural growth. We believe in empowering students with strong knowledge base and quality standard of higher education in a holistic and multidimensional manner encompassing all theoretical, applied and conceptual aspects by maintaining the exclusiveness of the discipline.

, Madhav University

I am fully aware that there exists an ample scope for us to enhance our standards, to reach higher pinnacles of academic excellence. Undoubtedly we would be able to achieve these objectives with cooperation of learned and experienced faculty members devoted to the overall development of students personality.I assure you that your life in the campus as a student would be highly rewarding in terms of academic pursuit and filled with good human values. I wish you a great success in your career and in becoming a good human being.

I encourage you to visit our campus and learn more about the opportunities available to Madhav University.

I hope you will like our website, and will visit our University soon.

, Madhav University

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