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Mass Communication Is A Vital Tool For Disseminating Information And Raising Awareness Among A Wide Group Of People. The Academic Study Of Numerous Forms Of Communication Is Referred To As Mass Communication. Students Who Complete Mass Communication Studies Have A Wide Range Of Career Options In Journalism, Advertising, Public Relations, Event Management, Broadcast Journalism, The Internet, And Radio Also.​

Three Years (BA Mass Communication) Graduate Level And Six Months Online Certificate Programme Has Been Designed To Offer Enrolled Students Basic Journalistic Skills. For This Programme To Expose Students To Recent Developments In Media, Media Issues, Media Research And Media Technology. This Programme Also Provides Professional Familiarity With The Various Technologies Involved In Mass Media Like Computer Applications, Respective Software And Hardware Applied In Print, Radio, Television, Internet, Mobile Journalism And Such Forms Of Media.​


Madhav University's mission in Journalism & Mass Communication is to provide students with a comprehensive education that prepares them for successful careers in media and communication industries. The program aims to equip students with skills in research, writing, and critical thinking, as well as proficiency in the latest media technologies and platforms.

Journalism & Mass Communication, Madhav University
Journalism & Mass Communication, Madhav University


Madhav University's vision for the Department of Journalism & Mass Communication is to provide a dynamic learning environment that combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience to develop professionals who are well-versed in the media industry. The university aims to create a platform where students can explore their creativity and learn about various aspects of journalism and mass communication.

Dean's Welcome Note

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome the students to the Faculty of Agriculture.

Journalism & Mass Communication, Madhav University

To Develop And Groom The Students For Better Journalist In Print, Electronic And Social Media Sphere. Also Develop Journalistic Skills In The Students To Lead The National And Multinational Media Industries. WHY CHHOSE MASS COMMUNICATION IN MADHAV UNIVERSITY Here We Are Providing Best Media & Mass Communication Education To Diverse Community From National & International Background Through Quality Teaching And Research. Offering Graduate Level And Online Certificate Media And Mass Communication Programs To Meet Industry Requirements By Adopting Need Base Syllabus And Pedagogy Involving Practical Teaching, Industrial Projects And Visits.

Dr. Rishikesh Gautam

Head JMC, Madhav University

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Mass Communication


Why Madhav University?

MU has a unique learning environment that encourages intellectual and creative growth. The institute has built up an education culture that is in tune with the global vision of the 21st Century. Our study and doctoral programs specially focus on research and project work for the industry.

We cherish the ideals of providing value-based technical education that would enable our students to achieve empowerment, problem-solving skills, innovation, and research.

Faculty's Research Group brings together staff and research students with cognate research interests in particular areas of education, to develop research projects, joint activities and share expertise. As well as meeting more informally, research group organizes Open Seminar series.

Journalism & Mass Communication, Madhav University


The Department of Journalism & Mass Communication at Madhav University also envisions fostering a culture of research and innovation in the field of media and communication. The university strives to empower its students to become confident and ethical communicators who can contribute positively to the society.

Through its vision, the university aims to produce professionals who can address the current challenges and emerging trends in the field of media and communication. The Department of Journalism & Mass Communication seeks to prepare students for a wide range of careers in journalism, advertising, public relations, digital media, and other communication-related fields.


The mission of the program is to provide students with a strong foundation in the theories, ethics, and practices of journalism and mass communication, as well as to nurture creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the field. The program emphasizes the development of communication skills and cultural sensitivity to enable graduates to serve as effective communicators in diverse cultural, social, and political contexts.

In addition to academic excellence, the program seeks to promote the development of the whole person, including moral and ethical values, civic responsibility, and social awareness. The program encourages students to become active citizens and leaders in their communities, and to engage in social advocacy and service.

Overall, the mission of the Journalism & Mass Communication program at Madhav University is to prepare graduates who are versatile, critical, and responsible media professionals, with the skills and knowledge to excel in a rapidly changing media landscape.

Distinguished Faculty at the Humanities & Social Sciences

Our full-time faculty is an amalgamation of distinguished visiting professors and industry experts from leading institutions around the world.


Faculty: An Introduction

Mass communication is a vital tool for disseminating information and raising awareness among a wide group of people. The academic study of numerous forms of communication is referred to as mass communication. Students who complete mass communication studies have a wide range of career options in journalism, advertising, public relations, event management, broadcast journalism, the internet, and radio also.

About Programme

Three years (BA Mass Communication) Graduate Level and Six Months Online Certificate programme has been designed to offer enrolled students Basic journalistic skills. For this Programme to expose students to recent developments in media, media issues, media research and media technology. This programme also provides professional familiarity with the various technologies involved in mass media like computer applications, respective software and hardware applied in print, radio, television, internet, mobile journalism and such forms of media.


To Develop and groom the students for better journalist in print, Electronic and social media sphere. Also develop Journalistic skills in the students to lead the national and multinational media industries. WHY CHHOSE MASS COMMUNICATION IN MADHAV UNIVERSITY Here we are providing best Media & Mass Communication education to diverse community from national & international background through quality teaching and research. Offering Graduate Level and Online Certificate media and mass communication programs to meet industry requirements by adopting need base syllabus and pedagogy involving practical teaching, industrial projects and visits.


Courses: BA Mass Communication (Three Years Full Time Graduate Programme) Certificate in Mass Communication (Online Certificate Course) THINK JOURNALSIM THINK MADHAV UNIVERSITY Courses: BA Mass Communication (Three Years Full Time Graduate Programme) Certificate in Mass Communication (Online Certificate Course)

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