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Intellectual Property Rights Cell

Nurture Innovation - By Establishing Intellectual Property Right Cell, Madhav University

Nurture Innovation - By Establishing Intellectual Property Right Cell, Madhav University

Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) are concerned with the protection of tangible and intangible property. It provides rewards and recognition to inventors/contributors for their research, designs, discoveries, inventions, etc. IPR cell will form a bridge between academic activities vis-à-vis industry. This cell will be dedicated to increasing the awareness and opportunities amongst young guns to provide them with competent career choices. Moreover, this Cell arranges various activities like IPR awareness - workshops, Training programs, Guest Lectures, Conferences, Seminars, and Case Studies. The IPR and Research Cell strive to fulfill the objective of making Madhav University recognized as a global leader in research and education.


IPR Policy intends to promote an eco-system that is conducive to the development of diverse varieties of research and innovation. A balanced approach in the area of IP protection, as followed in this IPR Policy, can also play a major role in promoting start-ups by enabling equitable access to knowledge and technology resources. In this regard, the specific objectives of this IPR Policy are:

Roles and Responsibilities of the IPR Cell

1. IPR Cell Coordinator to coordinate with Startups, Students, Scholars, and Faculty to protect and acknowledge Patents, Trademarks, Industrial Designs, Geographic Indications of sources, and Copyright protection. 2. To maintain confidentiality agreement (non-disclosure agreement form). 3. To guide in the filing of IPR applications such as Patents, Copyright, Trademark Registration, etc. in the patent office. 4. IPR Cell may suggest changes in the IPR Policy or new policies as and when deemed necessary. 5. To Generate revenue for the Organization through Technology Transfer, Commercialization, and Royalty. 6. To train in conducting Patent Searches before starting any project work. 7. To draft Patent complete specifications. 8. To prepare an application for Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). 9. To reply to the first examination report and to provide assistance during the hearing. 10. IPR Cell will support the university and the researchers in negotiating technology transfer and benefit-sharing agreements. 11. In cases where in a researcher wants to use university-owned IP for creating a start-up, the researcher may place a request before the IPR Cell, and after taking into consideration all the relevant aspects, the IPR Cell may recommend the university to allow the researcher to use the IP. The IPR Cell may also put forward its recommendations on the extent to which the researcher can use the university-owned trademarks with regard to the activities of that start-up. 12. Whenever required, the IPR Cell shall clarify to the researchers and the university whether the research in question can be considered as research with incidental support of the university, research with substantial support of the university, and/ or research with substantial support of external partners. 13. IPR Cell will keep proper records of all IP applications from the university. 14. recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for any legal course of action. 15. The IPR Cell may conduct a periodic audit of university IP.

Madhav Intellectual Property Right Cell (IPR) – Composition

Prof. Raj Kumar Rana
Prof. S.N. Sharma
Prof. Dr. Ritesh Agrawal
Executive Members
Director of Each Faculties from Madhav University
Name of Dean / Principles
Dr. Dharmesh
Basic & Applied Sciences
Dr. Jigar Soni
Medical Science (Homoeopathy)
Dr. Saket Singh
Engineering & Technology
Dr. Narsimha
Education & Physical Education
Dr. Avdesh Arha
Agricultural Sciences
Dr. S.N. Sharma
Commerce & Management
Dr. Mukesh Mahawar
Humanities & Social Sciences
Dr. Devendra Muzalda
Dr. D.K Upadhyay
Yoga & Naturopathy
Dr. Anil Yogi
Allied Health Sciences
Dr. -
Contact Details: Dr. Ritesh Agrawal,
M.Pharma, Ph.D. LLM, Indian Patent Agent,
Director IPR Cell Madhav University, India
Patents Filed by Madhav University, India
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