Madhav University

Core Values

Core Values

The Core Values of the University as under :

Human Dignity

* Respecting

* Treating fairly and being inclusive


* Exhibiting sensibility to others plight

* Exhibit Solidarity through action


* Modesty in success

* Openness to learn


* Contributing to society, nation & family

* Sharing knowledge to create a more enlightened & purposeful society

Social Security

When a student enrolls, transfers credits, etc. the primary means for connecting these pieces of information with the correct student is the Social Security number.

Country Economic

Proper education for everyone can eradicate these problems from its roots and would lead to a better country with higher standards of living. In the long term, education reaps greater benefits, educated kids today will develop a very civilized and moral society tomorrow.

Medical Service

Well equipped Medical Center first-aid, general checkup, and Ambulance facility for referred cases. Doctors and nurses are available on shift basis to provide all support to the Hostellers, Day scholars' and staff members of the University.

Women Rights

The Women Empowerment cell has been constituted to create awareness of the Women’s Right and to empower the Women. We works for the welfare of the student and faculty towards preparing them in to competent professionals to take up greater challenges in the academic sphere.

Foreign Policy

Students must obey instructions of the teacher-in-charge(s) while on a tour/ trip/ field training/ Industrial training, etc. All safety norms, as prescribed in the UGC Safety Regulations, should be followed by students on and off the campus.

Focus on Education

MU is offering outstanding education to students throughout India by providing a learning experience designed to develop intellectual abilities, as well as social, moral and ethical values.

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